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Welcome to the Sierra / Encore Duet Implementation Wiki

We will be using this wiki to share information among the teams, Working Groups and Discussion Groups outlined in the Organizational Framework for Implementation.

To access, please send a request for a login to the FLVC Help Desk (

  • If you are a member of a Working Group, you will receive an individual login with privileges to edit.
  • If you are staff at any of Florida's public higher education, you will receive a login for view only access.

Click on Help for information on using the wiki software.



  • According to our Timeline and contract, Innovative has until December 18 to resolve all outstanding issues



  • Production Server for Sierra => DOWN for reload
    • Production Server for Encore => DOWN for reload
  • Training Server for Sierra => Up and available for testing - Server upgraded to Sierra Beta 3.4, cloned from Prod
  • Test Server for Sierra => Up and available for testing - Server upgraded to Sierra Beta 3.4, cloned from Prod
    • Test Server for Encore => Up and available for testing Upgraded to 4.7, cloned from Prod

Implementation Groups

Acquisitions/Serials Working and Discussion Groups

Cataloging/Authorities Working and Discussion Groups

Circ/Resource Sharing Working and Discussion Groups

Discovery Interface Working and Discussion Groups

ERM Working and Discussion Groups

Joint Use Working and Discussion Groups

Systems Working and Discussion Groups

Training Working and Discussion Groups

Master List of All Working Group Members

Implementation Team

ILS Coordinators

ILS IT Contacts

Ad Hoc Go Live Committee

Sierra User Accounts

Sierra User Accounts - Account Creation Process and Status

Data Review and Profile Evaluation

Data Review and Profile Evaluation - Data Extracts and Loads

How to Access Sierra/Encore Duet Servers

Your institution’s network must be configured to allow access to and from Innovative's servers

Which Server/Client Should I Use Today?

Current Available Sierra and Encore Duet Servers

Library Staff Training

Access training organized by functional area: Training Tracks

  • The Training Tracks wiki page includes links to eLearning, documentation and recordings, along with prerequisites for in person training and supplemental materials
  • Do you have a question or suggestion for the Training Working Group? You can submit a question using this form

Training Quick Start Guides

Innovative's Training Quick Start Guides

Overview/Training Recordings

UBorrow in Sierra Webinar June 14, 2017 the Circulation / Resource Sharing Working Group presented the UBorrow process in Sierra. Recording

Training Working Group Webinar Jan. 9 2017: Sierra / Encore Duet Implementation Training Update Recording

Training Working Group Webinar Nov. 14 2016: Spring 2017 Training - PDF Recording

Innovative Overview/Training Sessions

FALSC Overview/Training Sessions

EBSCO Overview/Training Sessions

Working Group Training - October/November/December 2016

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